Flower paintings in art history

When I was younger I studied art history at the University in Linköping, and even before then I appreciated a variety of classical paintings, styles and motifs from early ”middle ages” up until our time. Now it´s been a while since I visited an art museum and I feel a longing for big paintings, bright colors and beautiful motifs.


One genre I like is flower art. And last year there was a big exhibition, held at Statens Museum for Kunst in Copenhagen, about flower paintings called ”Flowers and world views”. I was very excited to see it.

But I wasn´t that happy after the visit, simply because it didn´t meet my personal taste. I am not that much into the older symbolical and heavy oil paintings, as much as ”modern” delicate drawings and exact watercolors with a more scientific approach.


But one part I really appreciated was the big collection of gouache paintings by Hans Simon Holtzbecker, called the ”Gottorfer Codex”, from 1649-59. He worked in the break between the more symbolical and the more realistic flower art.


Only a couple of images where still symbolical in the Gottorfer Codex, see below.


All these paintings had been carefully restored by conservators for four years and it felt special to be able to see them publicly for the first time.


For more info (and much better photo quality) see Statens Museum for Kunst.

At the same time there where another flower exhibition that I totally loved, I will wright about that later…

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