Mops t-shirt tryck

E/MTN (emotion) e-magazine Tee-Run with my pug drawing!

Mops teckning

All pug lovers! Check this out! The first issue of the new e-magazine E/MTN contacted me to do a drawing of their lovely pug Puppy Alma. Now you can win a t-shirt with the printed drawing in their first limited Tee-Run competition. Hurry to like them on Facebook before december 15th 2013. You find more info at their site (Update: The site sadly is not active anymore.)

För alla som älskar mopsar finns det just nu en t-shirt-tävling med ett extra fint pris! Den nya e-tidningen E/MTN lottar ut fem t-shirts tryckta med min blyertsteckning av mopsen Puppy Alma. Gilla deras tidning på Facebook före den 15 dec 2013 så deltar du i tävlingen. Mer info och länk på deras sida (Uppdatering: sajten finns tyvärr inte kvar längre.)

Cover and spread from the first issue of E/MTN
E/MTN first issue cover fashion and motion
E/MTN (emotion) New e-magazine
E/MTN nytt digitalt mode-magasin online

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  1. UPDATE 2015: And now it seems the magazine-site is no longer there… Short but sweet! I still hope someone is a lucky winner of the dog tee, it sadly never landed in my post box.

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