Harvest figures in Pegasus Garden

A week ago we went to ”Pegasus Garden” with Alfred, on the countryside outside Lund. They were celebrating their 20th year as an ecological (puppet) theater garden. We´ve never been there before but I have been curious about Staffan Björklunds theater for many years. And it was very nice and well done. We were guided, or perhaps enchanted, by the wood elf Eternity who told us the dramatic story about the horse Pegasus and all the other greek gods. Made as harvest dolls from roots, vegetables, flowers and so on. The figures were lovely, I have never seen anything like it, very inspiring! And the children was invited to make their own harvest figures. Alfred thought it was very exciting and made two potato dolls with red clothes.

Skördegubbe i Pegasus trädgård

Dockteater av Staffan Björklund

Staffan Björklunds Teater tours around the world and Sweden, with puppet theater for children and adults. I hope we have the chance to see it next year.

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