Puppenhausmuseum, a web Doll house museum

Recently I found the great web site ”Puppenhausmuseum”, with lots of images of doll houses, paper dolls, some toys and other kid stuff. Focuses on toys from West and East Germany, during the years 1950–1970. The doll houses are lovely, and mirrors how the ”real” house and furniture fashion changes during these years.

When I grew up I used to love to play with both my doll house and all my paper dolls, but today I don´t think kids play so much with that kind of toys. Why, when they are so great? Sadly I lost a red box of paper dolls and my ABBA-posters at an inbreak many years ago, strange thing to take! I miss it a lot.

For many years now I have been wanting to draw my own paper doll with clothes, maybe one day I will… I get a lot of inspiration at Puppenhausmuseum.

image from the web site www.puppenhausmuseum.de


All these images are from the site www.puppenhausmuseum.de.

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