Totoro my favourite anime

Around twelve years ago I saw my first japanese anime movies. I have always loved animation and this opened a new world to me. One of the first anime I did see was of course the cute ”Totoro” from Studio Ghibli. It made me so lucky! Have you seen it? There is so much heart in this anime, and the children are portraited with such knowledge of a childs feelings and imaginations.

Now I have a little collection of Totoro toys and other stuff. When we got married some of our friends gave us a big DVD-box with all anime from Studio Ghibli. Thank you so much! I also like the money savings box, it has such a happy smile.

Totoro anime toys

My collection of Totoro

Not the official Totoro

These small figures are my favorites, even thou they are so not officialy approved by Studio Ghibli. Andreas bought them to me at a night market in Hongkong and they look so handcrafted and have a nice heavy rubber feeling. Don´t you think they are cute?

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