Hi my name is Lena and on this site you can see my illustrations and art that I sell as prints online. The animal portraits above are made with pencils, water colour and Photoshop.

Drawing and painting has always been something I enjoy very much. Some years ago I worked full time taking commissions as a professional illustrator. These days I have changed to do art mainly from my heart, for sale or just for joy.

My animal drawings, patterns and other images can be bought as art canvas and posters, or printed on pillows, tote bags, mobile cases, and much more. See my Art for sale and links to the print Shops.

In the past I have done a lot of commissioned illustrations for others. You can see those images in my (swedish) portfolio. Feel free to contact me if you have a question.

So many ideas, so little time…

In my blog I (sometimes..) write about everything that inspires me in life. I hope it can inspire you to! Feel free to leave a comment if you like something. Latest blog post below.