Berte Morisot, impressionist painter

I visited Ordrupgaard museum in Denmark for the first time this weekend. A beautiful museum. These are the last days of their much talked about exhibition about Berthe Morisot. She was one of the few succesful female impressionists, but not well known today. The reviews have been very excited, so I expected a lot. But sadly I was left a bit disappointed. As always with big expectations…


I felt like one of the sour critics back then in Paris, having a problem with the sketchy looks of her early paintings. Raw canvas not being painted all the way out to the frame, eyes and faces blurred and withour focus, very loose brush strokes. Some other critics and collegues, back then, meant she was the most true impressionist. And that might well be the case. But I was neither captured by the motifs or by the technique.


I liked her later, more traditional, detailed paintings better. Would she be upset about that? The colours she used later were nice and the many portraits of her daughter growing up and other girls were intimate and done with a good heart. I would also like to see more of her watercolour and pastel works.


Of course, like the reviewers, I think it is great that Ordrupgaard give a forgotten female painter her own exhibition and thereby making her more known to the public. But maybe I have seen too many impressionist exhibitions already? There have been so many since I started getting interested in art, long time ago. When I was young I loved it, but the style almost don´t touch me anymore. After all I am an illustrator focused on information, so probably detailed line-driven art comes more natural to me.