I love the vintage grey nordic farm gnome!

Is this not a lovely vintage childrens mug, plate and eggcup  from “Gefle” porcelain factory in Sweden, with happy swedish norwegian(!) grey gnomes having a good day out in the winter, dancing and skiing.

Svein from Norway was very kind and helped me date them! These are from Gefle around 1923-25, but the drawings where originally made 1909 by the 11 year old daughter of the director (?) of “Porsgrunds Porselænsfabrik“. In Norway this is a much loved christmas motif found on porcelain in every home! And then the motif was re-used in Sweden by Gefle.

And now they belong to my family and is on display all year long because they are so cute and funny!


The new and nice childrens book “Jul i stora skogen” by Ulf Stark and Eva Eriksson is about this little grumpy farm gnome (tomte) that do not want to be disturbed. He is the real and original gnome to me. I am not so found of the bright red Santa Claus that climbs down the chimney…

Barnboken "Jul i stora skogen"

Lena Svalfors Hedin
Hi! My name is Lena and I love creative and beautiful things in life. Sometimes it inspires me to photograph and write something about it, hopefully you can enjoy it too. I have previously been freelancing as an illustrator, now I have a day job focused on communication, web development and graphic design for print and web.
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