Society of Graphic Fine Art member exhibition in London

Recently home from a very nice vacation to London, I feel so inspired and happy from all the art exhibitions I had the chance to see. I will show pictures from all of them, starting with the smallest.

Tavlor från The Drawing Society 100 år

At the Bankside Gallery, near Tate Modern, there is an exhibition right now with “The Society of Graphic Fine Art”. The society is celebrating 100 year this year, as it was founded in 1919. It is a society only for artists skilled in drawing. From the beginning only art in black and white was allowed, in a sort of a “protest” against colour expressionism, if I got it right? But later on colour drawings was also accepted.

“Nowadays in addition to black and white work and traditional drawing skills, the society encourages the use of colour and non-figurative art. The main criterion of membership, regardless of media discipline, is drawing excellence.” Quote from SGFA also called The Drawing Society.

Några tavlor från utställningen med teckningar på Bankside Gallery 2019

The Society has around 140 elected members, working in many styles and mediums, but I would say mainly naturalistic.

It was very nice to see so many well skilled artist focused on drawing, as I too love to draw and always like to compare… And I found some favourites, like Neil Dixon, Claire Sparks och Dawn Chandler.

The exhibition will be on for a few days more if you like to see it!

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