Amalia Lindegren, swedish female painter

This is a painting and a portrait that I just love! It is so funny, and so well done and so cute! The little old lady, living her quiet, comfortable, well behaved last days. Hmm, that could also be a quit sad description of a womans life… But anyway. (And this lady had lived a quit adventurous life near the swedish royalties when she was younger.)

I saw this painting at a very good exhibition at Nationalmuseum in Stockholm and instantly fell in love with it. A rather small painting, hanging a bit on the side, not that typical for the exhibition, but it was my favourite.

The exhibition was called “Stolthet och fördom”, “Pride and prejudice”. And the theme was female painters 1750-1860, in Sweden and France, a time when women started to be more independent from men, and becoming professional artists in their own name. A very important period! This painting was done by Amalia Lindegren in 1844, it is a portrait of Augusta von Fersen grevinnan Löwenhielm.

I think it was a really great exhibition with a lot of fantastic paintings and painters. I especially liked Amalia Lindegren, and also Emma Ekwall, Henrietta Lorimier, Constance Marie Charpentier, Adélaïde Labille-Guiard and Adèle Romany. None of them where known to me before. But I will certainly look for more of their art. They where extremely talented. And still so unknown to the big public.

Porträtt av Carl Gustaf Qvarnström 1852, målat av konstnären Amalia Lindegren

Here is a detail of another great painting by Amalia Lindegren, “Skulptören Carl Gustaf Qvarnström”, painted in 1852. She also did a lot of wonderful drawings, portraits of friends and family. (And some sentimental paintings that I try not to remember…)

Lena Svalfors Hedin
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