Art from Lau medieval church on Gotland

I just love old medieval churches and art from the middle ages and the renaissance! It has fascinated me since I was just a child. It is the mix of very good craft and technical skill combined with the naive and decorative style and all the colours and fantasy that I like so much. It is human, divine, filled with emotions, joy and often with a fun twist or some grotesque detail.

Here are some details from the art work in the old church in Lau on Gotland, Sweden, that we visited this summer.

Fin kyrkokonst i snidat trä från medeltiden i Lau kyrka
Målad vägg i Lau kyrka med Jesu korsfästelse i mitten
Detalj från Lau kyrka, Gud med Jesus på korset
Lau kyrka detalj av medeltida kyrkomålning människor växter och dekorativ kant
Dekorationer på kyrkans dörr i Lau

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