Inspired by art, at Statens Museum for Kunst

Sometimes the craving for good art comes over me and I have to go to a museum. Museums are fantastic when you need new inspiration as an illustrator! This weekend I went to Statens Museum for Kunst in Copenhagen. And I hardly can admit it, but it was my first visit… embarrassing. There will be many more in the future, promise!

Jungfrun och barnet Jesus av Lucas Cranach den äldre

The collection was great and very well put together with a fresh eye. And the whole house was so inspiring and beautiful, with the old part newly built together with a very modern part. Typical of Copenhagen, they are brave.

Manlig huvudbonad
Ladys beautiful head middle ages
Middle ages horse painting

These first three pictures are details from a painting by Jacob Cornelisz van Oostsanen, ca 1472/77–1533 in the Netherlands, called “David and Abigail”. Oil on panel. Look at the clothes, they are amazing! Both in the way they are painted and in the actual fashion style. It looks so luxurious!

Medeltida håruppsättning

The painting above is by Lucas Cranach the Elder, oil on panel 1530, Germany. Called “Venus with Cupid Stealing Honey” (detail). She too has an impressive hair decoration, so beautiful.

Detalj av tavla av Lucas Cranach den äldre

A beautiful baby Jesus, painted by the same Lucas Cranach the Elder, ca 1512–14, oil on panel. Called “Virgin and Child Adorned by the Infant St:John” (detail). I think this is such a sweet baby portrait. And nice glow around him.

fantastisk manlig hatt

I am so sorry, but I missed the information for this painting (is it Cranach?), but this man too has a very impressive hat! Is has feathers sticking out all the way around it, like a old american indian ceremonial piece. High fashion for sure.

Jesusbarnet och Maria

This I like because they look so funny, this art style is so strange with all the long lines. But at the same time they have a modern attitude in their faces, like a redheaded girl today. Probably painted by Dieric Bouts (?), “Virgin and Child”, after 1454, oil on panel.

Köpenhamns konstmuseum

Sorry for the poor image quality from my mobile phone…

Visit the museum webbsite. And don´t miss the flower painting exhibition next year! I will watch it for sure!

Lena Svalfors Hedin
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