Visiting Egeskov castle in Denmark

If you are planning a holiday in Denmark then you should visit Egeskov castle on Fyn, in the middle of Denmark. It is such a lovely place with a beautiful and playful garden with many labyrinths, a beautiful old castle and lots of exhibitions about old, rare and vintage cars, motorcycles, toys, fire trucks, clothes and much more.

Egeskov slott gemak
Egeskov trädkojor
Egeskov antika bilar utställning
Egeskov interiör slottet

They also exhibited what must be the worlds most beautiful doll house, the Titania Palace from 1922. I saw this when I was a kid and was totally blown away. And it is still amazing to see all the love and detailed work (and money) that was spent on this big doll house.

Egeskov slot Titanias palats dockskåp doll house
Titanias palads dockskåp doll house Egeskov
Titanias palats Egeskov slott
Egeskov slot Denmark semester-tips
Egeskov släkttavla enhörning riddare släktvapen
Egeskov slot vintage leksaker utställning modelljärnväg
Egeskov slott castle vintage childrens toys exhibition bp shell lego
Egeskov slot castle garden slottsträdgård semester Danmark

More information about Egeskov castle.

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