Favorite bicycle tour under the Øresund Bridge

This is the best time of the year! May in Sweden. I take out my bike for a favourite ride to the area south of Malmö. In just half an hour I am out of the busy city and can enjoy the beautiful nature. Well, not really, it is more like a nice suburban area, but there are some pockets of wild nature next to the sea. It is just me, the sea, the sky, the green grass and the birds. Lovely! I can recommend it to anyone who want to explore the Øresund Bridge from a different angle. The tour starts in the south from the nature preserved Bunkeflo strandängar, up a steep path with wonderful view over Bunkeflo and Klagshamn, down right under the bridge, and then continues along the beach of Sibbarp back to Limhamn and Malmö. Bring some picnic food for a nice break along the way.

Øresund Bridge from Bunkeflostrand
Bicycle tour round the Øresund Bridge
View towards Klagshamn and Bunkeflostrand
Øresund view from Sweden
Øresund Bridge bike tour under the bridge
Utsikt Øresundsbron
Karta cykeltur runt Öresundsbron

Lena Svalfors Hedin
Hi! My name is Lena and I love creative and beautiful things in life. Sometimes it inspires me to photograph and write something about it, hopefully you can enjoy it too. I have previously been freelancing as an illustrator, now I have a day job focused on communication, web development and graphic design for print and web.
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