Rhododendron in full bloom

Many people love Rhododendron flowers. I have not been that interested before, but I am ready to think again after visiting the Botanical garden of Gothenburg a lovely spring day. So beautful! Such colors! Further more the whole park was incredibly lovely that day. We took a long peaceful barefoot walk up the steep hill and watched the incredibly city view, found a little waterfall and some frog babies and enjoyed all the green leaves and colourful flowers in the big park. A day to remember!

Vit rhododendron

Hallonrosa rhododendron i Botaniska Göteborg

Vit rhododendron i Botaniska

Rosa rhododendron

A beautiful spring day in Botaniska with everything in bloom

Botaniska i full blom i maj

Vårens första liljekonvalj

Botaniska trädgården i Göteborg

Vacker blomning

Nu är det vår!

Rosa tulpaner


Rhododendronbuske i rosa

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