Visiting beautiful Royal Kew Garden in London

After wanting to visit the Royal botanical garden at Kew for many years, I finally had the chance last week! And it was indeed a very beautiful park and garden, so nice to slowly walk around and look at all the plants and flowers and trees.

Palm tree house at the royal Kew garden

I also enjoyed the little royal palace, but most of all I wanted to go there to be able to visit The Shirley Sherwood Gallery of Botanical Art.

Vacker trädgård i Kew

Many years ago I did see an exhibition in Stockholm with art from her collection and I was blown away by the beautiful details in all the paintings and drawings.

På besök i kungliga Kew garden palace i England

Bought a book I have looked into many times for inspiration. The exhibition right now was at Kew was also nice, but I think a prefer the more “pretty” than the “exotic”. Very nice to have been there anyway!

Palm trees

And I found some new botanical books I have to buy.

Stora näckrosblad

Maybe some day I will even draw a little myself… that is the plan anyway since many years…

Vem gömmer sig i rosen

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