What to see and what to do when you visit Malmö

Are you going to visit Malmö, in the southern part of Sweden and do not know where to go, what to see and what to do? I live in Malmö and I would love to give you my best advise!

This is my suggestion of a long nice stroll around the southwest parts of the city. Here we go!

You could start from Malmö Central Train Station.

Malmö Centralstation, busstation och kanaltur med båt

Go straight on up to Stortorget.

Stortorget i Malmö med statyer
Stortorget i Malmö med vackra Rådhuset

From here you can see the beautiful old Rådhuset to the left. Behind it is the church Sankt Petri, well worth a visit.

S:t Petri kyrka i Malmö

Hold right over the big square Stortorget and you will come to the little Lilla Torget. It is a beautiful old square with lots of restaurant and bars, packed with people in the evenings.

Lilla Torg i Malmö

Do not miss a visit to excellent Form Design Center with modern exhibitions and a design shop, situated in a beautiful house.

When you are at Lilla Torg, go to the right and you will find the good arts and craft shop Konsthantverkarna. Continue walking on to the right and you have the quieter area Väster with nice streets, old houses and some small shops and restaurants.

A walk in the park.

Continue in the same direction (to the right seen from the Central Station) and you will reach the big city parks Kungsparken and Slottsparken (they kind of blend together). Here you can take a nice walk around the lakes and watch all the birds.

In the park Slottsparken you will find a botanical garden called Slottsträdgården (the castle garden) with a great café house. I recommend you to take your lunch here or a nice “fika”!

Slottsträdgårdens servering nära Malmö Museum

In the park you will also find the old wind mill Slottsmöllan.

Slottsmöllan i Slottsparken Malmö

The city library situated in a beautiful house can also be found in the park. Hold to the left if you come from the city to find it.

Stadsbiblioteket i Malmö

Next to the library is a great childrens playground called Sagolekplatsen. And you have lots of great grass fields where people have picnic in the sun, play ball, or walk their dog.

Walk further southwest and visit the old castle Malmöhus, a museum for art and, history, photography, shipping and technologie.

malmö museum slottet

At the museum there is also live animals in the castle basement (mostly fish aquaries), perfect for the kids.

There is also a small fish market in the morning called Fiskehoddorna, next to Malmö Museum.

Fiskehoddorna i Malmö

Nearby there is also a place where you can rent a canoe and watch Malmö from the channels if you like.

Leaving the city and heading for the seaside area

If you continue to walk away from the city thru the park you will leave the city center and be on your way to the seaside.

The area is called Ribersborg (my part of the town!). Lots of people live here and you can also find some shops and restaurants. If you look to the left you will see the very tall blue house called Kronprinsen, with a smaller shopping center.

After a walk you will reach the beach area called Ribersborgsstranden, with the park Öresundsparken.

Ribersborgsstranden Malmö Ribban beach

This is my favourite place in Malmö! All year around it is perfect for nice walkes. You can follow nice pathes around the lakes, or take the long straight beach walk, where lots of people run or roller skate, or take of your shoes and walk in the sand. There is also a big area where dogs are aloud to run free.

In the summer Ribersborgsstranden of course is a very popular place to take a bath and just enjoy living. The beach has very shallow water, perfect for families with small kids, so if you want deeper water go out on one of the bathing docks.

badbrygga Ribersborgsstranden Malmö

There is also a playground, some sport areas, mini golf, ice cream and kiosks. Also visit Kallbadhuset out in the water where you can take a bath all year around (very cold winter bath!) or enjoy the sun while eating something from there restaurant.

Kallbadhuset Malmö

You want to see Turning Torso now!

It is easy to see where it is and you can go there by following one of the walking paths next to the sea or the little channel.

Turning Torso i Västra Hamnen Malmö, f.d. Bo01

You now reach the area called Västra Hamnen, where many of the houses where build for the house exhibition Bo 01, held in 2001. This is probably the most modern area of Malmö. It used to be filled with industries, and is still in the middle of the reincarnation to a busy habitant area. The crown of it all is the spectacular Turning Torso, I really love it!

Stroll around in the entire area and don´t miss the very nice walk way next to the sea.

Turning Torso i Västra Hamnen, Malmö

From here you have a beautiful view of the bridge Öresundsbron and the skyline of Köpenhamn in Denmark.

Öresundsbron Malmö Köpenhamn

This is a very popular place all year around, but especially in the summer among young adults (and everyone else) for the nice sun spots and the deep sea bath in Scaniaparken. If you want to show your perfect summer body, do it here! In Västra Hamnen you also find some nice restaurants and food shops.

If you are like me and want to walk even more you can follow the sea shore around the entire area, it is nice, quite, with a great sea view.

Öresund Malmö

Do not be surprised if you hear music in the grass…

For kids there is a great big playground called Sollekplatsen next to Turning Torso, in the new park Varvsparken.

Older kids and young adults (at heart) must go to Stapelbäddsparken and try the skateboard area. Or watch the pros. Ask for the direction to find it, just a short walk from Turning Torso towards the city.

Skateboard competition i Stapelbäddsparken Malmö

If your feet is not killing you yet, you can walk back to the central station area by walking thru another new and nice area called Dockan. It is beautiful situated along a small harbour with restaurants.

Dockan i Malmö

Then pass the new Malmö Högskola building in the nice central harbour and you are back at Malmö Central station. Well done!

Inre hamnen i Malmö
Malmö Högskola
Malmö inre hamnen

On second thought: maybe you should rent a bike for this tour…!

Solnedgång från Västra Hamnen i Malmö

With a bike  you could easily go back to Västra Hamnen and watch the sun go down and have a picnic. Maybe there also will be some music performance or tango dancing.

I love Malmö!

Malmö is a lovely town to discover by foot or on a bicycle. That is one of the big advantages with my hometown. It is a big town, number three in Sweden, but it is still small enough to be nice and cosy and fast to go from one place to another. It is also easy to travel by bus everywhere, I don not even own a drivers license. Just remember you can not pay tickets on the bus with cash money.

Some call Malmö the city of green parks and that is also a very nice character of this town. And most important, in my opinion, is that Malmö is placed next to the sea with lots of beautiful places to take a bath, have a picnic or watch the sunset over København, Danmark.

Another very nice feature with Malmö is the amount of restaurants, bars, and cafe´s everywhere, both expensive and cheap. Malmö has a great night life and to me it is a vibrant young lively town.

Hope you will enjoy it too!

Lena Svalfors Hedin
Hi! My name is Lena and I love creative and beautiful things in life. Sometimes it inspires me to photograph and write something about it, hopefully you can enjoy it too. I have previously been freelancing as an illustrator, now I have a day job focused on communication, web development and graphic design for print and web.
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