1000 Takte Tanz

Andreas came home last week, after a trip to Amsterdam, and gave me this beautiful vintage book. It´s a music note book for piano. The cover almost glows, as it is printed with bright pink and green on a golden background. And the illustration is very nice, so typical of that period. Printed in 1932 by “Alrobi musikverlag”, Berlin, in cooperation with many other companies. “1000 Takte Tanz, 22 der populärsten Tanz- und Gesangs-Schlager”, with foxtrots and tango, like “Mein Schatz, ich bin in dein Parfüm verliebt”…

Many of the songs are from “Tonfilm”/movies, like “”Eine Frau, die weiß, was sie will”. They where probably very popular, as this was just in the beginning of sound movies! It makes me so curious both about the music and the movies. I like to listen to really old schlager/popular music, it is often comic and lively music, or over the top dramatic. It also make me think about my great grand father Emil Pettersson, who lived during this period and worked in a music store, had a record factory, an instrument factory and so on!

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