Cute vintage poster paper doll from the 70’s by illustrator Barbro Hennius

When looking into a box where I keep my old drawings, I re-found this fantastic old poster from around 1970 (?) by swedish illustrator Barbro Hennius. It is so cute and so typical of that period in Sweden, with the naked proud woman and the colourful almost hippie clothing for her. She is a paper doll, but I am glad the poster is still not cut. I can´t remember exactly, but I think I bought the poster at a flee market just a few years ago. I am always happy when I find paper things like this because few of them is left and they break easily.

Swedish paper doll girl Svea illustrated by Barbro Hennius in the 70's

At the top of the poster it´s written “En flicka att äga, en flicka att få, en flicka att kläda, en flicka som få. En flicka från Svenska Saker AB (Tel ….) Form Barbro Hennius”. Translation: “A girl to own, a girl to be given, a girl to dress, a girl like few others. A girl from Svenska Saker (Phone…) Form Barbro Hennius”. I don´t think the company Svenska Saker AB is still around but I am curious what they did. I guess it was a clothing company?

Vintage paper doll poster from the 70s by swedish illustrator Barbro Hennius
Paper doll clothes for Svea from Sweden drawing Barbro Hennius

That girl really loves Sweden! The funniest thing about this drawing is that fashion almost looked like this, with the striking colours and patterns. Today it looks crazy when everyone in Sweden is dressed in black black black!

Lena Svalfors Hedin
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