Fashion illustrations from the 50s

It is so inspiring to see old hand drawn ad illustrations for fashion and makeup from around the 50’s. So many talented illustrators contributed to the magazines from that period.

These are fashion drawings and ad illustrations from a swedish magazine called Bonniers Månadstidning. All these images is from nr 6-7 1950.

Wäfveribolagets Vienna Borås Wäfveri

The very cute ad above is signed Marstrand, that is the danish illustrator Troels Marstrand, who also worked under the pseudonym Jac Mars.

I can not read this signature, anyone who knows?

Fashion drawings above by Mona Skagerfors.

Beautiful fashion drawing signed Yrsa.

Fashion illustration by the famous Göta Trägårdh, the dress is called Stockholm and was created by Jacques Fath. This is called fashion for “the not so young anymore”…

Shoe ad drawing signed “my”. (?)

The fashion drawing below is signed GT, Göta Trägårdh. Drawing above is not signed but must also be done by her.

Illustrations above by Ruthel Eksell.

Who did this cute ad for Christl, anyone who knows?

Fashion drawing signed by the famous Grau, för Elizabeth Arden.

Fashion drawings by Ingrid Maria, drawn on spot at fashion house Balmain.

Unsigned, probably Göta Trägård?

The magazine cover illustration has is signed “gito” (as far as I can see), I would like to know who that is.

I do not do fashion drawings at all, but they still inspire me and I like to bye old magazines at flee markets just for their drawings.

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