Illustrations by Kurt Ard from 1957

These are drawings made by the famous danish illustrator Kurt Ard. He was, and still is, much loved for his covers and short story illustrations for the paper Allers Familjejournalen in Sweden around the 1950s and 60s.

These images are from 1957 and extremely well made, you can not see much like this today. Partly because it is out of fashion and replaced by photography, and partly I guess because no one would pay you enough to do it…

Allers omslag av illustratör Kurt Ard, 1950-tal

Novel drawing by Kurt Ard 1957

Magazine illustration for Allers by Kurt Ard 1957

I like Kurt Ard for many reasons. For his incredible drawing skill and talent for the illustration profession. For his ability to add humor and a warm feeling to many of his images. For his sense for layout, how he bend and strech the image over the page in many different ways. And finally there is the vintage vibe, the nostalgic feel that is hard to resist today when looking at these pictures from a very different time in Sweden.

Cover illustration by danish illustrator Kurt Ard

Bild av Kurt Ard 1957

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