Lovely art exhibition (last year) by SBA

Why write about an exhibition that was held last year, 2019 in London. Well, I did not have the time back then to blog, and this year everything is closed down. So why not look back and remember great things from the past. And this truly is a great memory for me!

Susan Christopher-Coulson botanical artist

Last year I went on a short trip to London to find inspiration in art. One of my main goals was to finally be able to see a big exhibition with Society of Botanical Artists. I love botanical art and this was an amazing show! So many lovely drawings and painting of flowers and plants.

Billy Showell botanical artist

I guess people thought I was a little crazy, staying forever and looking at every picture closely to be able to see all the pen strokes and layers of water colour. I absolutely loved everything! The quality was amazing, such talents and so beuatiful art.

Helen Millar botanical artist
Botaniska teckningar av Maryna Kyselyova och Yvonne Gemmel
Society of Botanical Artists utställning Plantae 2019

I hope to be able to be back to see more from SBA, when the world is back to normal again…

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