Manga! Big exhibition this summer in London

Love manga? Or do not know anything, but is curious? If you happen to be in London this summer, you should definitely visit the big “Manga” exhibition at the British museum! It is a great display of the history of manga, and all kinds of styles, themes, artists and many loved series and characters.

Manga British museum 2019

I do not know much about manga, but learned a lot and had a great time. I especially liked that it was so many original drawings on display, from so many talented artists. Always nice to see how they work in detail.

Dragonball på Manga-utställning i London 2019
Originalteckning i manga-stil
Olika stilar och teman på Manga-utställningen

One very well known Manga artist is Inoue Takehito. I did not know about him before, but will definitely take a look at his work “Vagabond” as the illustrations looks amazing!! (see below)

Skickligt tecknad manga-bild

The exhibition is very well made and nice to see for both young and adults, both those who know alla about manga and those who perhaps never heard about it. Here are some more photos.

Manga på tv och film
Många olika Manga-stilar visas på utställningen i london
Realistiskt tecknad manga
Från Managa-utställningen i London 2019

By the way, this was my first visit to British Museum (since I live in Sweden) and I was impressed by the building and how well old and new were mixed together. Definitely recommend a visit!

British Museum

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