Ten lovely whimsical cute beautiful drawings

Lately I have been spending far to much time browsing thru what other people create and sell on Society6. – Like the colourful portrait above that is done by Natalie Foss (detail of the drawing).

I admire all people with a creative talent doing so many sweet, funny, dramatic, beautiful, cute, smart, strong, lovely drawings!! And guess what, looking at what other people create takes off a lot of time from your own creative work… duh! But it´s been so fun!!

You learn a lot too, what works and what don´t… and that talent alone often isn´t enough, you also need social skill and a drive for being seen and heard. Like always in the creative business. There are many, many, many people showing their art online…

So I thought I would do something of all the time I have spent… so I spent even more time collecting the images I like the most! My favourites! But the list of ”likes” grew fast, so I will have to split this into several blog posts.

Here are 10 artists I like a lot, in no specific order, that you can find on Society6. Aren´t these images great?! Love and respect to you all! (I sell my illustration art prints there as well, nudge nudge…)

Chuck Groenink Rabbit says draw art print
Chuck Groenink I often think of the message in this drawing… but now lets blog some more ;-)

Agnes Kr Patience Nico 1zf art print
Agnès Kr Patience Powerful, beautiful black-and-white drawing.

Angela Rizza Harvest season art print
Angela Rizza Wonderful detailed image in nice colours.

Missmalagata Bear nps art print
Missmalagata I love a bit of “whimsical”.

Teagan White The queen of pentacles art print
Teagan White All her images are so sweet and lovely.

Nvm illustration a xee art print
NVM Illustration Nice contemporary drawing.

Sofia Bonati Emilia lxr art print
Sofia Bonati I admire the strong graphic and modern look of her images.

Rachel Caldwell Ravens head art print
Rachel Caldwell Great detailed and graphic style.

Seaside spirit Sailor vhd art print
Seaside Spirit A fun vibe and a very nice image.

Abigail Halpin In the kitchen zwg art print
Abigail Halpin Very sweet unique personal style.


Well, this was some of my favourites, I come back with more later. Do you like them to?

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