Christmas tree decorations

Yes, I know it´s january, but Christmas is soon here again! In december no one has time to do some nice christmas tree decorations, so why not start now in this boring time of the year?

Recently found this old book and just love it. It is both a cultural history about the tree decoration history in Sweden from 1870 to 1930, and a practical guide to do the craft yourself. Lots of old photos and examples of old craft models that no one remembers today.

Book about Christmas tree decorations in Sweden

If you are a craft nerd this is for you (only in swedish, as far as a know).

The book “Granna granen. Julgransprydnader från 1870 till 1930. Historik och modeller att göra själv.” is written by Maria Flinck, 1998 (Albert Bonniers Förlag).

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