Flow the magazine for paper lovers

Can you also feel that pure and simple joy when you discover a nice new magazine you never seen before? It is magic! Last week I was in Stockholm and felt a bit tired and in need of new inspiration. I could not resist a big magazine shop (but I am on a diet, not allowed to buy every glossy magazines that seeks my attention…) and found a perfect magazine for me. “Flow – magazine for paper lovers”. Of course I am a paper lover!


And I totally fell in love with the whole magazine, it really spoke to me. Page after page with nice illustrations, deep thoughts, inspiring things, giveaways, interesting interviews, and all things creative and positive. On the spread above you can see what they call “section dividers”.

Flow magazine issue 4

In this issue it was four pages beautifully illustrated by Helen Dardik on thicker paper, like small posters.


Many glossy magazines makes me mostly depressed and frustrated. But this (not glossy) magazine was all about uplifting and encouraging and boosting the creative spirit and maybe make the world a better place! At least a little bit more…


This was issue 4 of Flows international english edition. And I maybe have to look for the three earlier… Flow is made in the Netherlands so there is also a non-english version that´s been around for some years now.


As an illustrator I love the fact that they use so many illustrations in the magazine and mixes a lot of different papers, types and layouts in a free and nice way. And there was also extra treats in form of book stickers and inspiration cards.

Do you love paper, illustration and creative design and layout? Buy Flow! A can totally recommend it.

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