How is it to work as an illustrator?

Do you love to draw and would like to know more about the business and how others do to build a career? Or are you already doing smaller commissions, like I do from time to time, but always love to hear how other illustrators and artists live their life? You know, the big names, those who have succeded world-wide. This is a book for you!

Omslag till boken A life in Illustration

“A life in illustration – The most famous illustrators and their work” by Gestalten (2013) is a big, heavy book and packed full with interesting information. It is about more than 20 very successful illustrators, divided into chapters like “Informative Illustration”, “Commercial Illustration”, “Illustrated Lettering”, etc.

"A life in illustration" story about-Olaf Hajek

Take your time to read the interviews carefully and you will learn a lot how things work in the big world. It is hard work and takes a lot of business skill and energy (and sometimes almost no family/social life) to make it big! So much, that I don´t even envy them, just admire their strength to be able to do it!

A life in illustration, book

Most names were new to me and I am happy to see their skills and talents and will look them up closer online.

A life in illustration, bok

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