Eurovision Euphoria in Malmö 2013!

The Eurovison Song Contest 2013 is in Malmö! Malmö is my hometown! Of course I have to go to Malmö Arena and watch some of it live. It is not my kind of music, but I really appreciate a good show and a fun spectacular. Why be a bore when you can stand beside so many gay (as in happy…) people dancing, screaming and clapping their hands and just feel joy and happiness!


After a night at the Eurovision semi final I can totally understand why so many people travel around all Europe to meet friends and party, the feeling was very friendly and warm. Where else does people from so many countries meet and just have a good time together? I would say it was just as fun watching the audience, as the show, they are both important.


Most of all I would like to give a big hand to the people behind the graphic design program! I think it is really really great, from the butterfly design to all the colors and lightning in the TV-show. It is beautiful, sweet, lovable, moving and active. And I also think Sweden did the totally right thing when the team behind it decided to scale down the whole thing to a more normal size, that hopefully all countries can afford and manage.


Now I just want to see more views from Malmö town and area in the final TV-show on saturday. This is a beautiful town filled with interesting young people, nice houses, lots of parks and situated right at the seaside with lots of beaches. SVT, show it to everybody! Or is this the revenge from disappointed media people in Stockholm…? No I should not be grumpy, I blame it on the very late spring this year, they probably did not have time to shoot nice views of my town. Because lets face it, winter in Malmö is not a festival!


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