Robert Downey Jr & Diane Arbus

It is interesting to see how things connect to each other… Recently I went to the cinema, to see my favourite Robert Downey Jr perform in the new “Sherlock Holmes” movie. (Good action/costume/hunk film a rainy day.)

It made me think of another, but totally different kind of film I´ve recently seen starring him, “Fur”. That film surprised me so much that it still makes me smile. (If you are interested in more artsy movies, this is for you!)

Nicole Kidman and Robert Downey Jr

I especially like the beautiful Alice in Wonderland-feeling about it, the magical realism. Don´t read the info before, just dive into the odd world.  (It is still some kind of costume/hunk movie, but with a tragic twist.)

The film is a fantasy about Diane Arbus, the famous photographer. And just a few days ago I went to the Moderna Museet in Stockholm to see their photo exhibition “Another story”. Showing their great collection of photos from the last hundred years. (Very good, see that too, if you have a chance!) And the photographer I was most intrigued by was Diane Arbus!

Diane Arbus

But at the time I didn´t remember the movie “Fur” was about her, until I googled her name today. And the thread now could continue with googling for photos of “Arbus + midgets, nudists, trans”… But I won´t fall into that rabbit hole… not today anyway… Instead I think I will make a drawing of Robert Downey Jr, just like a teenager girl would do!

But I found another link that is interesting. Read the looong story about the writer Patricia Bosworth and how the script to the movie “Fur” was written and how many people were involved! Sometimes it takes twenty years to make a movie… Found on the site of the also famous and talented photographer Mary Ellen Mark. She is the photographer for the “Fur” movie poster.

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