Visiting Bremen, small cute things

This easter we took a trip to Bremen, Germany. I can really recommend it!! It is not too far away from Malmö by car and we thought we would welcome spring… well we had both sun and rain and warmth and chill…


But Bremen was very nice, we did´t know anything about it and was pleasantly surprised. Seemed to be a sweet little town with a nice walk by the river and lots of interesting shops and restaurants and culture.



We almost missed the best part, the old quirky part of town called the Schnoor quarter, with narrow roads and beautiful old houses! But one evening we went there and had a nice walk and dinner (lots of nice restaurants and small shops).

This is just some photos of cute stuff I did see in the small shops windows. (Sorry for bad mobile photo quality.)

Konstverk med utklädd liten figur

To bad this shop was closed, seemed to be a place just for paper craft and paper models. Nice.




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