BUFF film prize to Stina Wirsén

Congratulations to illustrator Stina Wirsén for receiving 2012 years big BUFF film award in Malmö! Together with film director Jessica Laurén. Wirsén and Laurén received the prize, “Sydsvenskan och BUFF:s stora filmpris”, for the great short movies “Vem?” (Who?). The films are based on Wirséns small childrens books and they are perfect for children around 2-4 years old. Drama and friendship in the small everyday world we live in as a child. Being lost, having a wound, being angry at a friend, feeling jealousy.

Both our son and myself loved the “Vem?”-movies when we went to see them at the cinema last year. I´ve also had the great pleasure of listening to Stina Wirsén when she talked about her work and how she adopted the books to the film medium.

Vem-film av Stina Wirsén

I think the short Vem?-films are genious in all there simplicity and big emotions. As a grown up I enjoy them, but they are not “family” films with extreme action a tons of grown up dialogue. They are truly made for the youngest audience, with simple dialogue and funny characters against an empty background. Simple but effective and nice. I wish all small children would have the chance to see this, instead of all the crap flowing out from TV and internet.

BUFF, Barn- och ungdomsfilmfestivalen /  the International Children and Young People’s Film Festival in Malmö, has been around for nearly thirty years now. The six day long filmfestival takes place right now in Malmoe. They will show around hundred movies from Europe and other parts of the world, to an audience of children and grown ups working with film for the young.

Lena Svalfors Hedin
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