Busy day busy people by Tibor Gergely

This sweet children’s book, about what grown ups do all day long, was one of my favorites as a child. In swedish it is called “Vi och vår jäktiga vardag”. The original book title was “Busy day – busy people” and I believe it is well known and loved by many. Right?

Barnboken Vi och vår jäktiga vardag, Busy day busy people, 1973

The illustrators name is Tibor Gergely and I really loved his style, and still does. I remember how I over and over again looked at the pictures and almost was there myself. There were so much going on, so many people in full action, doing important stuff.


And not one of the are on Blogger, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumbl…! And still they seem to be busy all day long. Nostalgia!!

Vintage retro barnbok illustrerad av Tibor Gergely 1973

Vi och vår jäktiga vardag tecknare Tibor Gergely

The scenes I liked the most was the big store and the hospital, because as a child I really liked how you could look into all the rooms on all the floors, like a dolls house, and go from room to room.

älskad barnbok från 1973 Busy day busy people

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