Buying childrens books at our flee market day

What do i buy on a lovely sunny winter car trip around the country side to visit several small flee markets. Childrens books of course! As always. I can not help it, I love them and are slowly building a nice little collection from the last century or so.

Among todays findings was an old ABC-bok by Aina Stenberg-Masolle (1940s?). A big golden book “De glada djuren” originally by Alice och Martin Provensen 1952. “Första sagoboken” from 1958 with illustrations by Kaj and Per Beckman. And “Lillköpingsbarnen” from 1945 with lovely illustrations by my favourite artist Helge Artelius! It will be so nice to take a closer look at these books.

Swedish illustrated vintage childrens books and an old abc book

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