Children’s books and nostalgia

If you are interested in children’s books (and can read the swedish language…) there is a very nice free digital publication called Bazar Masarin. It’s latest issue is about the nostalgic feelings most of us have about our childhood books.

The magazine contains lots of texts and images from many different writers and illustrators with different views on the subject. And one of the texts is written by me, so proud to be part of it!

My text is a reflection about my own childhood in the 70s, when Sweden had a strong socialistic political movement. I published it first here on my blog already back in 2013, now slightly re-written. (Sorry, only in swedish.)

Omslag till tidskriften Bazar Masarin

I so would like to write more about children’s books, since I collect old picture books and like them a lot, but I never seem to find the time…

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