Cute book about Kjell and his hamster

Today school starts for all kids in Malmö! Both parents and children feel a bit nervous. That goes for our family too. Now it is time for A B C and 1 2 3! Here is a book about going to school and having a bit of adventure in the classroom.


I was contacted by Sanna from Finland last week. She had found my earlier post about Ilon Wikland. Sanna collects old children’s books, just like I do, and wanted to see more images from the cute little book “Kjell och hans hamster”.


It is such a simple little book, but so sweet, and I loved it when I was a kid!

Omslag till lilla boke Kjell och hans hamster

Text by Ulf Schenkmanis, apparently it was his first of many books, images by the famous Ilon Wikland. My book is printed by Illustrationsförlaget 1972, in the “Minibok” serie.

I also have another post here about Ilon Wikland and Astrid Lindgren.

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