Exhibition with childrens book illustrator Sven Nordqvist

The other day I visited a lovely exhibition about the swedish well known and much loved childrens book illustrator Sven Nordqvist at Dunkers kulturhus (culture house) in Helsingborg. It was so fun to be able to study his drawings up close and see how he works. He is just great at what he does and I love his books!


Here are some tiny lovely details from full packed drawings made by the multitalented artist Sven Nordqvist.


Sven Nordqvist is most famous for his books about Pettson & Findus, and Mamma Mu. But most of these drawings are from his book “Var är min syster” (where is my sister?) 2007.


I love the way he fill his images with lots of small side stories and funny little creatures totally unaware of the big story.


He is almost like the old medieval book makers I admire so much for all their effort to fill letters, frames and patterns with animals, monsters, people, devils, angels and more. I belive he has the same playfull mind and I admire him for it.


He is also very productive and has also been involved in animation, mulimedia and more that our kid has grown up with and love.


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