Hattenkatten – Books from my childhood 1

Books, illustrations and animations have always been magical to me. I love it! And many images from my childhood still makes me feel the way I did back then, when they were amusing, exiting, cute, strange, scary or inspiring.

I will share some of them with you and start with one of my first books in life. “Hattenkatten” by Torsten Svensson, printed 1969 in Finland. (I was born in 1968.)

Cover of childrens book Hattenkatten

This book is simple but so nice. And that moon still is the model for how I think a moon should look like. I know he also did a book called “Puttrik och gubben Knapp”. But sadly I can not find any more information about the illustrator, I guess he is swedish.

UPDATE: But now I know more! He is swedish for sure, see comments! (Maybe have to switch to the swedish blogg page to see them.) And now I also have his other book about Puttrik.

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