Lazy Lena, a czech childrens book by Zdeněk Miler

My name is Lena too and my husband gave me this vintage childrens book “Lazy Lena” to remember to be lazy and not work too hard. Well not at all the message in the book, but a very nice gift and I always think about that when I see it.

lata lena vintage bok 1962 barn tjeckisk film 50-tal östeuropeisk folksaga

Our kid thinks it very funny to hear the story about Lena, his mum, being so lazy that the whole house and all the furnitures escape. With the poor hungry cat as a leader. And then they teach Lena a lesson and learns her how to behave nice.

childrens 50s film and book by Zdeněk Miler and text Emil Ludvík

“How the mole got his trousers” was the first in a long serie of sweet and very popular animated films by the Czech illustrator, animator and film maker Zdeněk Miler. I admire him a lot and still love these nice movies. I watched them in the 70s when swedish national television showed a lot of animated films from east europe, especially from Czechoslovakia.

O kohoutkovi a slepicce czeck movie 1953 by Zdeněk Miler but this is from a swedish book

Now when I am grown up and show them to my kid I especially notice the beautiful nature backgrounds with sometimes almost textile patterns of flowers, grass, trees. But this book is not about Krtek, the little mole.

Lenora with the little mole Krtek and his friends-czeck-illustrator-Zdeněk Miler-swedish-childrens-book

This book “Lata Lena” (Lazy Lena and maybe “O line holce”? in Czech) is illustrated by the same man, Zdeněk Miler and is originally an animated film about a dirty, mean girl who learns how to behave and work hard and manage a household. A typical folk tale. Story/words by Emil Ludvík.

Lata Lena

The swedish version of this book was printed 1962. The movie was called “O kohoutkovi a slepicce” (english anyone?) and came 1953.

barnboken Lata Lena 1962 av Zdeněk Miler och Emil Ludvík

As far as I know the first TV-film about the little mole, Krtek, came 1957 and was called “How the mole got his trousers”. But in this film/book the mole is also present as an animal from the forest! My guess is that the mole got popular so quick they added him and his friends to some pages in this book, just for fun. And I think that´s great!

Lata Lena bokinsida

But this lazy I do not think I would like to be…

Zdeněk Miler drawing from the film and book about the dirty mean Lenora

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  1. Saw this when looking for some information about “Lata stelpan” (Icelandic) . Her name here is Gréta, same as my nickname. A got the book as a child. It was always my faworite and my grandchildren love it. It is timeless and a classic story. Would like to find the film. Anyone?


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