Lift the flap book by H.A. Rey

Don´t you just love fold out and lift the flap books?! This is a really simple example, more like a booklet than a book. It is a swedish mini version of the book “Where’s my Baby?” from 1943 by H. A. Rey and verses by his wife Margret Rey.

Reys are very famous for books about Curious George (“Nicke Nyfiken” in swedish). There is no year on this book, and strangely no title either! And the cover image of cats (same on front and back) seem to be drawn by another illustrator (?) with the signature H. L. A., because the english version has a calf on the cover! Why change?

I found this book on a flee market and it has never been used, that is nice. It is printed by Förlaget Kärnan AB in Hälsingborg with a book number 798. It contains only six pages/animals, where the original is over twenty pages.

Later there has been published a swedish edition called “Min unge, var är du?”, containing all the original pages. And in that book the translation is made by Anna Ericsson (but that is Astrid Lindgren!). I do not know if she did the translation for my little booklet also, or if it was someone else.

If you want to know more about Margret Rey read American National Biography Online.

vik ut bok för barn av H. A. Rey

Lena Svalfors Hedin
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