Sweet nature illustrations by Elsie Wrigley


Right now I am a bit influensed by the illustrator Elsie Wrigley. I have two small “simple” childrens books by her, that I think is lovely illustrated. “Skogsmusen”/ “The little Woodmouse” and “Dagen när igelkotten vaknade” / “Wake up Hedgehog”, printed in the Pixi-serie by Carlsen. My copies are from 1978-79.

I like the contrast between the very nice inked drawings in the foreground, with all the small dots, strokes and exact lines, and the non-inked backgounds. It is obvious she loves to paint nature and flowers, it looks great and the colours are soft and nice.

Please feel free to tell if you know something about her career as an artist and illustrator. I have tried to find some information about here, but failed, I can only see that she has made a lot of more books.

Lena Svalfors Hedin
Hi! My name is Lena and I love creative and beautiful things in life. Sometimes it inspires me to photograph and write something about it, hopefully you can enjoy it too. I have previously been freelancing as an illustrator, now I have a day job focused on communication, web development and graphic design for print and web.
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2 thoughts on “Sweet nature illustrations by Elsie Wrigley”

  1. You wrote this in 2011 and here I come upon it seven years later. I have a little book illustrated by her and, like you, headed to the Internet to find more information about her. Great I haven’t found any more about her than you. When I searched for her name in quotes, your blog entry was the first that came up for me on Google. My little book is Three Rabbits with a Secret, published by Scripture Union and Zondervan in 1979. It is part of the Fernhill Story series. I think I will photograph it and post it on my Instagram.


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