My drawing style

These days I almost don´t do any commissions, due to lack of time. But in my portfolio pages you can see examples of illustrations I have done in the past for magazines, books, ads, and also some private portrait commissions. At the bottom you find links to the portfolio pages. (Sorry these pages are in swedish only!)

Pencil drawings

I have always loved to do pencil drawings. Especially portraits of animals and people. I like it because it is so easy to build up details, shadows, tonal values and still keep the light in the image.

Colour pencils and water colour

Colour pencils are also nice to work with and easy to control. I often combine them with larger areas in water colour. Sometimes I also use gouache for details in fur or other thicker layers.


Very often I scan my pencil drawings and add colour to them in Photoshop. I like how easy it is to change the colouring and test different lights and shadows. I also do some final retouches in Photoshop, sometimes add textures and collage.

Ink pens

Ink drawings by illustrator Lena Svalfors Hedin

Ink pens are another of my prefered tools, especially when more sharpness is needed. For example small images with clear details. It is also a fun challenge to add dept, volume and shadow by drawing lots of small dots or thin lines. Sometimes I also add water colour or Photoshop colouring to these images.


For some commissions it is better to use Illustrator. Especially when it comes to symbols, logotypes or images for web design. Vector art is fine for both a colourful and bold style as well as more distinct and sharp looking images.

See commissions I have done in the past:

(The portfolio pages are in swedish only.)