Early spring in Söderåsen National Park

Söderåsens nationalpark i Skåne

vitsippor i skogsglänta

svart snok

Nationalpark i Skåne

This easter we made a visit to Söderåsen National Park in Skåne, near Helsingborg. After a long winter indoors in the city it was absolutely wonderful to go there and breathe the fresh spring air. Just leave the stress behind and listen to birds singing and water streaming between pebbles and branches. The park was so beautiful with all the white wood anemone/vitsippor in bloom and a lot of animals enjoying the warm sunlight. To our sons happiness we saw grass snake/snok, several lizards/ödlor, brimstone butterflies/citronfjäril, bats/fladdermus and a pike/gädda.
I really recommend a visit to this varied park with the rift valleys and high cliffs. We started at Skäralid and took a slow, easy walk for two hours at the bottom of the valley alongside the water stream. There are a lot of more adventurous alternatives and a splendid view at the top of the so called ”Kopparhatten”. Söderåsens Nationalpark

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