David Ellwand and David Downton

Yesterdays news is this book, but still so beautiful and amazing, I just have to show it to you. ”Fairie-ality” by David Ellwand from 2002, with fashion illustrations by David Downton, is a book to slowly inhale. My husband gave it to me 10 years ago, knowing that I am not that interested in fairies, but totally in love with beautiful books, arts and crafts and skillful illustrations. I´ve never seen anything like this (but please let me know if you do!). It is a book showing ”clothes” made by Ellwand out of flowers, buds, leafs, grass, feathers… clothes made for a imagine fairie wedding. It is the combination of the skillfully crafted clothes, the illustrations, the text and objects of nature that make me inspired every time I look into the book. David Ellwand

book cover

Click here to see more of the super talanted David Downton illustrating the best dressed.

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