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If you like vintage glamour girls, are a bit nostalgic, and loves beautiful illustrations you must look at ondiraiduveau´s image collection on flickr. It´s a collection of well over hundred famous illustrators from around the 1940´s and 50´s, and their beauty girl illustrations. Personally I get a bit tired of all the examples of look-a-like pin up girls, it is a cliché with a bad after-taste for me. But there are lots and lots of other examples, and I can still enjoy the incredibly talent the big illustrators of those days had!

flickr ondiraiduveau

Victor Kalin illustration

There were a growing market and demand for powerful illustrations for all types of advertisement, commercial products, cinema posters, book covers, news papers, fashion magazines, and so on. Giving the illustrators lots of work and a chance to develop their style and skills. And they were of course classically trained in art and illustration craft. I have always been jealous of that and this is a good chance to study their work.

vintage glamour girls illustrators

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