Illustrator Elsie Wrigley

Right now I am a bit influensed by the illustrator Elsie Wrigley. I have two small ”simple” childrens books by her, that I think is lovely illustrated. ”Skogsmusen”/”The little Woodmouse” and ”Dagen när igelkotten vaknade”/”Wake up Hedgehog”, printed in the Pixi-serie by Carlsen. My copies are from 1978-79. I like the contrast between the very nice inked drawings in the foreground, with all the small dots, strokes and exact lines, and the non-inked backgounds. It is obvious she loves to paint nature and flowers, it looks great and the colours are soft and nice. I have tried to find some information about here, but failed, I can only see that she has made a lot of more books.

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