Illustrator Robert Ingpen

Do I dare to say it… I have never read Alice in Wonderland! But now I will, because I´ve bought a book with wonderful illustrations by Robert Ingpen. I didn´t know about him before (how could I miss him?!) and I like his drawing style a lot. He shows how to make graphite(?) drawings come alive and be colourful and dramatic. I will try to learn some of that from him. (”Alice i Underlandet”, Lewis Carroll and Robert Ingpen, B. Wahlströms Bokförlag 2009)

It would also be interesting to know more about his colour technique, how he paints the big colour images. Is it pencils or brush? Watercolour or gouache? But I can´t find anything about it on the web and he don´t seem to have a homepage. Please Robert Ingpen, let us know a little more of how you work!

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