Images from my childhood 1: Hattenkatten

Cover of childrens book Hattenkatten

Books, illustrations and animation have always been magical to me. I love it! And many images from my childhood still makes me feel the way I did back then, when they were amusing, exiting, cute, strange, scary or inspiring. I will share some of them with you and start with one of my first books. ”Hattenkatten” by Torsten Svensson, printed 1969 in Finland. (I was born in 1968.) Simple but so nice. And that moon still is the model for how I think a moon should look like. I know he also did a book called ”Puttrik och gubben Knapp”. But sadly I can´t find any more information about the illustrator, I guess he is swedish but he could also be danish.

But now I know more! He is swedish for sure, see comments! And now I also have his other book about Puttrik.

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  1. Now I know more. The illustrator called me the other day to my big surprise! A very nice gentleman in Stockholm, Sweden. When he made the book he was the same age as I am know. And now I read it to my son…
    Torsten Emanuel Svensson has been an illustrator for magazines, advertisement, book covers, childrens books. And changed into free paintings and art for the last years.
    Thank you for your call!

    God fortsättning och ett gott nytt år!

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