Images from my childhood 2: Dunderklumpen

Book made from the movie Dunderklumpen

The movie ”Dunderklumpen” from 1974 is wonderful for children around 5–9 years old. Or for all ages! It´s a dreamy, slow magical adventure, where animated characters interact with real people. All set in a beautiful swedish summer nature in the landscape Jämtland. I still love it and have seen it many times, also as an adult. If you love animation, you must see it!

This is a book made from the movie, so happy when I found it on a flee market.
The characteristic illustrations are made by my favorite Per Åhlin (, he also directed the movie. Original idea and manuscript by another childhood favorite Beppe Wolgers, who also starred in the movie and did the voice of the storyteller. Music by the great Toots Thielemann. This is high quality culture for kids! Soon my son is old enough to see it, jippie!

Der zauberhafte Spielzeugdieb

Childrens movie from the 70s

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