Lovely botanic posters by Lottas träd

This is no news to many of you, but I just re-discovered the wonderful whimsical botanic posters by Lotta Olsson. Found them at Form design Center in Malmö, but you can buy the posters from her site at Lottas träd. I love the combination of accurate and exact natural ”science” with magic and poetic art. Lotta Olsson combines scanned leafs and other nature materials to new imaginative beautiful threes and other lifeforms. So fragile and alive. I must find a free wall and by one of the posters. These are just two examples of many more. Lotta has studied at HDK Göteborg and Konstfack in Stockholm. Her posters have been awarded by ”Kolla!” 2010, a competition run by Svenska Tecknare.

Poster "Aspen" by Lottas träd

"august tree", poster by Lottas träd

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