Are you a nerd?

vector based home arcade system

This is a test! If you now what this is, Yes, then you are a nerd. I didn´t. Pfuh! ;-)
It is a Vectrex, a vector based home arcade system from the early 80´s. Andreas bought it the other day, and I don´t now who was the happiest, he or Alfred (4 years old). We use to joke about giving him a proper upbringing, starting with the oldest computer games and then slowly moving on to the more modern ones. Like a history lesson in computer and game history. Actually the idea is not so bad. Sadly the ”Pong” tv-game my father bought in the 70´s in USA is gone. That was my first contact with a game.
The Vectrex comes with plastic screen overlays to generate color and decorative elements. It is amazing to see this and think about how advanced games and consoles are today. But the gaming experience and excitement is already there.

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